Self-care Rituals for the Body and the Mind

Self-care Rituals for the Body and the Mind

#1 rule: think physically & mentally, and why not? Spiritually or energetically. You want a holistic approach that soothes you and makes you feel better both inside and outside.

Nowadays it’s more obvious than ever the importance of taking care of ourselves -physically and mentally -, but it sometimes can seem like an unattainable goal: work, family, social life… who even has the time?

Although a lot of us might think of self-care as a big event that can only be squeezed in a few times a year, there are multiple ways to incorporate this into our daily lives in an easy and natural way by inserting these self-care “rituals” into our everyday routine.

The first challenge is reimagining what self-care actually is!

Yes, of course a full day spa consisting of a full body massage, a 7-step facial, and some chocolate and wine is really great, but for most of us it is not realistic to have this as a part of our daily lives (kudos to you if you can, though!).

Most of us go on the daily life and can barely squeeze some time for ourselves…

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But guess what?

Even if you take some time each day to connect with your thoughts and feelings.

Think of “What made you happy today? What made you sad? Are you holding any grudges that are bothering you and can you let them go?” A daily check-in with your inner self can do AMAZING things for your wellbeing.


Writing about your feelings can help you get through stressful situations more easily. For many people this is an outlet that allows them to clarify their feelings and expectations. By putting them down on paper, they can process and clear up their ideas and improve their state of mind.


Yes, here’s yet another post telling you to try meditation, but it bears repeating because IT WORKS.

If sitting silently in a room alone with your thoughts seems like a huge task and it’s not your thing, there are a lot of different types of meditation that you can try until you find the one that works best for you.

To meditate does not have to mean becoming a Guru. From mindfulness to movement, to visualization, there are plenty of ways to get in touch with your inner you. You can go for a walk, enjoy a sunset, or just be in touch with nature (at the beach, in a park, etc. ). the key is to try your best to be aware of the present moment, and if you fail to do so… just try again!

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When you are in the present moment, you realize that at this moment, everything is fine. You are alive, you are healthy, you have what you need to be relaxed and calm.

Most problems arise when we think of the past (remembering bad past experiences) or the future (worrying about what will happen next). So you can enjoy your life, moment by moment by staying in the present….

I know this is easier said than done, but just keep trying and you will succeed.

Physical Exercise

You don’t have to spend 3 hours at the gym every day to experience the benefits of physical activity.

Studies show that just 15 minutes a day of exercise (any type, any intensity) can have a lot of positive impacts on your life like improving your mood, managing stress and anxiety, and of course, keeping your beautiful body healthy.

When you’re reluctant to do some exercise because you don’t have enough time, remember: 5 minutes is better than nothing! Just start small and try to set a routine that you follow consistently.

Remember, consistency is the key here, so stay with it even if at the beginning you must push yourself. If you need a gym or walking “buddy”, find one so you can encourage each other to stick with it.

Set small, attainable goals, and when you reach them, reward yourself. You will see gradual but cumulative changes that will lift you up and make you feel better.

Now, when it comes to looks and clothing, NOTHING is “set in stone”. You are free to choose your own style, look and fashion.

The bottom line is in fact: wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and empowered: WEAR WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. Everybody deserves to feel cute, sexy, and ready to take over the world!


Fewer things make us feel like we are really taking care of ourselves than a good skincare routine, and of course, we are Vaginesse® after all, so we know what it is to take care of ALL your skin, including your lady parts.

From your face to your bikini area, you should try to dedicate a few minutes out of your day to cleansemoisturize and pamper that beautiful skin of yours. This part of your daily ritual can be so powerful as you focus all your senses on yourself. You’re a queen, so you deserve “the royal” treatment.

Skin Care Face Cream

In Conclusion, taking care of yourself does not have to be elaborate or complicated or take a lot of time.

You can implement little “rituals” in your daily routine that constantly remind you that life is beautiful, and we are lucky to be alive. It is the appreciation of these little things that change the color of the lens through which we see things.

Changing our perspective can change our life. Also, when thinking about self-care it is important to take a holistic approach and consider our body, our mind, and our spirit or energy. 

Leave us a comment! What are other daily rituals that are part of your self-care routine?

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