Who We Are

Vaginesse® was born out of the realization that women deserve better feminine intimate care products than most of what is offered in the market today.

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We did the research and found that the problem is pervasive.

Did you know that according to a Mayo Clinic report 75% of women (3 out of every 4) will experience at least one symptomatic infection in their lives? Or that the most frequent reason cited for a gynecological, non-ob related visit is this type of infections?

These can be prevented by taking good care of ourselves.

Why Vaginesse®?

There is still a big taboo related to conversations about intimate feminine issues.

At Vaginesse® we want to shine the spotlight on the concerns that affect us and bring awareness and education about the feminine body.

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We want to help other women attain confidence, self-love and take care of their bodies in a truly natural, healthy way. This is why we created the best available vegan, organic products for women's intimate care, and that is our promise to you.