How to Find the Perfect Panty to Fit Your Body

How to Find the Perfect Panty to Fit Your Body

Let’s get real: your underwear can heavily affect your mood!

To be, or not to be...comfortable?

Your whole day can be derailed by bad underwear—a terrible pair can pinch, pull, tug, and end up in all the wrong places. Many people have a drawer full of dozens of undies that just don’t quite fit.

Uncomfortable underwear can make a tough day extra hard, so it’s worth giving your next panty purchase a bit of thought, but what should you be on the lookout for?

But with underwear, you’ve got to consider body shape, booty size, amount of coverage, fabric, desired level of smoothing and support, and of course…

What is it you want your underwear to do for you?

Not everyone has the same goals for their clothes or their undergarments, and that’s ok. But to find the best things for you, you must know what you want those things to do.

For example, do you want your underwear to be pretty and sexy? You may end up with a lingerie drawer that looks very different from someone who wants full coverage and comfort. Whatever’s most important to you, shop with that as your top priority. 

Woman in Panty Holding Flowers

There’s no wrong priority, either. If you’ve got a booty that has experienced some gravitational pull and a little extra fluff than you want, but your top priority is tiny, sexy undies, great, buy those. If you’ve got the booty of a lululemon model, but your top priorities are coverage and shaping, buy underwear that gives you that.

Let's break it down

In terms of panties, there’s one thing that applies to everyone: cotton is best, at least for the ​​crotch panel!

Even though there are a lot of super cute and sexy panties out there, leave those for special occasions, but for your everyday pick, go with cotton! Cotton lets your skin breathe, it’s more absorbent, and it can even help prevent yeast infections.

And with that out of the way… let’s talk about bodies, baby! At the end of the day, the best panty for your body is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable and even sexy, however, there are a few things to consider depending on your body type. Let’s dive in.

Round bodies

The biggest thing you need to understand about buying the best underwear for your shape is that your underwear needs to stop before, or go past, your trouble spot. When I say trouble spot, I’m not trying to body shame anyone–there’s just no better term that’s concise.

As an apple, I consider my tummy to be my trouble spot. It doesn’t mean my tummy keeps me locked in my house, crying, not living a full life. Just means that part of my body gives me a little trouble when getting dressed. Please don’t get hung up on the term, or on the trouble spot.

But again, your underwear shouldn’t stop in the middle of that spot, you should stop before you get there, or go past it. In general, if your trouble spot is nice and firm, stop before you get there. If your trouble spot is a little softer, go past it for some coverage and support.

Round bodies thrive in high-waisted underwear with large elastic bands. Do NOT -and this is important- go for the flimsy elastics; you’re looking for support! However, you might want to avoid the “boy brief” type to keep your thighs as comfortable as possible, instead, opt for a higher leg cut.

Curvy bodies

Bodies with curves on the bottom like hourglass and pear-shaped can benefit from boy shorts and hipsters to avoid your underwear from riding up your butt. Bikini briefs might not be the best choice if you have a bit more curves in the lower part of your body.

Hourglass-shaped ladies often consider their booty to be a trouble spot. But then they choose bikini underwear that cuts right across it… A better choice would be a full coverage panty, like a brief or hipster…, or a thong with no coverage.

If you’re an hourglass with a full, firm booty, you might like the thong better. If you’re an hourglass with a full, not-so-firm booty, you might feel more comfortable in full-coverage underwear. Do what makes you comfortable.

Less curvy bodies

The other universal rule is that you must get the right size. Don’t worry about style unless you’re willing to get the right size. It’s not uncommon to have to go up a size in underwear, kind of like swimsuits.

But for bodies that tend to be less curvy towards the bottom like rectangle or triangle shaped, bikini briefs with a lower leg cut will work best, but most panties will fit you great.

Keep in mind though that size is kind of dependent on style. Some women choose to go up a size, while others tend to go down, depending on style.

If you have NO idea where to start with size and style, go to a place like Soma, or Victoria’s Secret where you can try a bunch of different styles and sizes and experiment until you find the combination.

Don’t forget too, that the best underwear for your body shape is the kind that makes you look and feel fantastic.

If you love cotton panties that come in a pack of 18 from Target, then they are best for you. If you like your itty-bitty-barely-there’s, then those are best for you. My advice is no substitute for your personal preferences.

Woman on Pink Bikini on Top of Fur

Here is a list of some basic underwear styles

  • Bikinis
  • Classic Brief
  • High-leg Brief
  • Hipster
  • Boy-Shorts
  • Thongs

But the bottom (hehe, get it?) line is fact

wear what makes you feel the most comfortable and empowered: WEAR WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY. Everybody deserves to feel cute, sexy, and ready to take over the world!

Finding the perfect size and style might take a little work, but it’s worth it to have good underwear that makes you feel and look fabulous.

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