New Year, New You: Crafting Resolutions That Stick

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New Year's Resolution Week runs from January 1 to 7 every year For most people this holiday's timing is great because the New Year is often seen as a time of new beginnings and reflection.

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Before the year even begins, people recall all their notable accomplishments and memories, the good and the bad. Many look back disappointed with their lack of progress, realizing the days flew by and their to-do list went unchecked. Others feel accomplished and/or hopeful that things will go better in the year that just begins.

And how was it for you? How can you make it better this year? The first thing people do to celebrate the new year is mark all the things they want to get done or all the things they want to do differently this time. New Year resolutions often reflect a desire for personal growth, health, and positive change.

According to statistics, nearly half (45%) of Americans make yearly resolutions. Although statistics differ, they show that about 35% keep their resolutions, 49% keep some of their resolutions, and 16% fail at keeping any of their resolutions. New Year Resolutions fall under many categories.

The 2 most called upon are Self-Improvement and Living Healthier, but here are other possibilities and suggestions.

Health and Fitness

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Exercise more, lose weight, adopt a healthier diet, get more sleep, Practice mindfulness or meditation.

Career and Professional Development

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Advance in your current career, change careers, acquire new skills or certifications, set career-related goals (e.g., promotions, salary increases)

Education and Learning

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Learn a new language, take up a new hobby, enroll in a course or workshop, read a certain number of books.

Financial Goals

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Save money, create a budget, pay off debt, invest in stocks, real estate, etc.

Personal Development

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Improve time management, enhance organizational skills, boost self-confidence, develop a positive mindset.

Relationships and Social Connections

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Strengthen existing relationships, make new friends, improve communication skills, spend more quality time with family and friends.

Travel and Exploration

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Travel to new destinations, explore different cultures, plan a specific travel adventure.

Giving Back and Community Involvement: Volunteer for a cause, engage in community service, make charitable donations.

Creativity and Self-Expression

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Pursue artistic endeavors (e.g., painting, writing, music), start a creative project, attend cultural events.

Mindfulness and Well-Being

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Practice mindfulness and meditation, reduce stress, foster mental and emotional well-being.

Home and Environment

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Declutter living spaces, organize the home, make eco-friendly lifestyle changes.

Technology and Digital Detox

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Limit screen time, take breaks from social media, organize digital files and emails.

Spirituality and Mind-Body Connection

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Explore spiritual practices, engage in yoga or meditation, foster a mind-body connection.

Personal Finance and Investments

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Create an emergency fund, invest in retirement funds, plan for major purchases (e.g., home, car)

Self-Care and Well-Being

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Prioritize self-care routines, schedule regular health check-ups, practice stress management, instrument, picking up a new language, or taking up a hobby.

So, there are many different types of resolutions. But, WHY SHOULD EVEN BOTHER MAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS? If you've been struggling with some bad habits and don't feel good about yourself, this is the time to reflect on these things.

Time to stop guilt-tripping yourself and set a plan to reach your goal. Many of us have given up making New Year's resolutions to avoid the embarrassment of realizing nothing is REALLY going to change.

But to break that cycle, this year you can make things differently. However, to be successful may take a combination of thoughtful planning, commitment, and a strategic approach. Here are some tips to help you increase the likelihood of success in achieving your resolutions.

Make a Resolution

Make it realistic.

People often set unrealistically high expectations of themselves. Then, they expect their efforts to pay off within the first month. Be specific and real. Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps so it will be easier to track progress and stay motivated.

Prioritize what matters most to you and don't spread yourself too thin. It is better to succeed in achieving one or two resolutions than to fail trying to get eight or ten of them done.

Make a Plan

Develop an Action Plan for each resolution. Again, it is important to be specific, for example: instead of a vague goal like exercise more, specify a target, such as walk for 30 minutes, five times a week.

If required, make a roadmap with the steps you need to take, milestones, and a timeline. You can also make commitments that are harder to undo like buying a gym membership or going shopping to healthier food choices.

Track Your Progress

Regularly monitor your progress. Keep a journal, use apps, build a support system, share with friends, family, or a mentor.

Discuss your resolutions and plans with them. This can provide encouragement, motivation, and accountability. You can also create a visual representation of your achievements. Envision yourself achieving your goals, to help reinforce your commitment and create a positive mindset.

Believe You Can Do It

Life is unpredictable and circumstances may change, so be open to adjusting your goals if needed.

Staying flexible will allow you to adapt to challenges without feeling discouraged. Also, identify and address habits that may hinder your progress. Replace unhealthy behaviors with positive ones that align better with your resolutions.

For example: if you know that it is hard for you to get motivated to exercise in the evening, try to adjust your schedule to do it in the morning.

Reward yourself every time you reach a milestone or achieve one of your resolutions.

A structured rewards system will keep you going. If you encounter setbacks, see them as learning opportunities rather than failures. Analyze them and try to understand the reasons behind the challenge and adjust your plan accordingly.

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Remember, the journey towards achieving resolutions is ongoing. Embrace the process, stay positive and celebrate the progress along the way. You are not the only one making resolutions and struggling to keep them.EVERYONE IS ON THE SAME BOAT.

But consistency is key to success; so, stay consistent, stick to your routine, and make your resolutions a part of your daily life. But be kind to yourself. Understand that progress is not immediate, and it may not always be linear, so setbacks are a natural part of the journey.

Practice self-compassion and keep moving forward. You can also make the process easier with some accessories and props that can make it better. For example, if you are going to start exercising more, going to the gym or traveling, you can refresh yourself with" Vaginesse products that can help you stay fresh and comfortable at all times.

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And finally, reflect regularly on your journey, assess your accomplishments, and make adjustments as needed. Adapt your plan to align with changing circumstances or new insights. If your resolutions involve learning or mastering specialized skills or knowledge, consider seeking guidance from professionals or experts in your respective field.


It is important to note that the success of New Year resolutions often depends on setting REALISTIC, SPECIFIC AND ACHIEVABLE GOALS. Additionally, maintaining a positive mindset and incorporating gradual changes can contribute to long-term success.

But the most important resolution you can make on New Year’s is to START IT RIGHT! There are many things to celebrate, from your large achievements to your smaller goals, or personal improvements. So, let’s BEGIN WITH THE RIGHT MIND SET, be grateful for what we have, hopeful for our goals and dreams, and let's celebrate, party and be merry.

Host a get-together in your home or hit the club. Having a good time and enjoying life will give you the motivation you need to stick to your resolutions.

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