Roses for You: A Guide to Making February 13th Your Own Self-Love Day

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Every year there is a big push for Valentine's Day on February 14. The stores get full of gifts, candies, love cards and flowers.

All the ads promote this day heavily on TV and social media, and it seems it's getting bigger and more commercially oriented every year, to the point that they can make you feel guilty if you don't go with the flow. So, you must buy something for your loved one.

Yes, Love is in the Air on Valentine's Day on February 14. But we believe that love should be spread and celebrated every day, not only on specific days of the year.

Also, what if you just broke up with your partner or if you are just single?

What are you supposed to do?

We have the perfect Holiday for you

Madly in Love with Me Day is a yearly celebration on February 13 to celebrate self-love. It is also called Self-Love Day, and it is a reminder that you need to love yourself loudly and unconditionally regardless of your relationship status.

Self-love is one of the most powerful forms of love. It is something that we all have coded inside us. Proponents of self-love believe that it could strengthen a person's feeling of being loved.

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It is not a coincidence that this holiday falls on Valentine's week, and it is celebrated so that people can be strong enough to love themselves by the next day and not need a romantic partner on February 14.

Self-empowerment is the focus here, as the day is about boldly emphasizing yourself and showering yourself with as much love, attention, and care as you would your partner.

It is a day to stare in the mirror and love the person you see. So, set the date aside to indulge the paramour who will always show up — yourself.

Do you really love yourself the most?

Some people find this is easy to do, and some do not even really understand what loving yourself means. But most people are afraid to admit that they do, because they consider self-love to be selfish.

This is a misunderstanding, and it is not true at all. Selfishness stems from the idea that others should not have something, whereas self-love means trying your best to attain the best for you.

Self-love is a strong trait that can help you succeed in life. Self-love is not a new concept; it is an extensively debated topic all over the world. In ancient Greece, self-love was considered one of the six types of love.

It is also discussed by Sikhs, Christian theologians, philosophers, and psychologists. However, self-love first entered the mainstream psyche and popular culture during the Beat Generation of the 1950s and the Hippie era of the 1960s.

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Popular literature and poems have since discussed the topic in depth. It has even helped minorities develop their self-confidence in a society with predominantly White beauty standards in the 1970s.

Self-Love Day got a boost and a new name, becoming the Madly in Love with me Day after the release of the book titled Madly in Love with Me: The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend by Christine Arylo.

Christine is a transformational leader, best-selling author and speaker, social impact leader, and founder of The Path of Self Love A movement, a school and social impact organization, whose mission is to make the message, medicine and methodology of self-love accessible and attainable to people worldwide.

The book advocates self-love in the best possible way by being empowered to love yourself unapologetically, regardless of physical attributes.

Why Is It Important to Love Yourself?

Whether is Self-Love Day or Madly in Love with Me Day, it is all about really understanding the power of self-love and the positive impact it can have in our lives. It can help boost our confidence and courage.

It can also help us analyze situations calmly and react as if there is a little more to a person who loves his or herself and worries about what others might think.

The reason this day is one day before Valentine's Day is that it can help you realize the strength of self-love. Your outlook on life will be very different after this realization.

Valentine's Day is a time when people become miserable about being single. Seeing happy couples enjoying everything around them can wreck a single person's confidence.

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Even more so if you had a recent break-up in your relationship. But once we understand the power of self-love, you can move on with confidence that you are always loved, and always will be loved, for what you are.

Loving yourself is completely different from being arrogant, egotistical, or rooted in vanity. Instead, it is all about taking responsibility for one's decisions and practicing various self-care methods that provide an integrated, all-inclusive approach to health and well-being.

As stated before, this day also empowers singles to not feel lonely, especially on Valentine's Day.

Benefits of Self-Love

There are numerous benefits to self-love. It can help us develop a healthy lifestyle, have more self-esteem, and acquire satisfaction in life.

Imagine having the power to:

  • Give to yourself first, without guilt.
  • Shower yourself with loving words instead of criticism and comparison.
  • Go for your dreams with conviction and courage.
  • Choose the situations and relationships that make you happiest.
  • Discover and explore your deepest thoughts and desires and act on them.

As stated before, self-love does not promote narcissism, but it is giving yourself unconditional love and holding yourself in high esteem no matter what happens around you, respecting yourself to pursue and nurture meaningful relationships and placing yourself in environments that push you to become the best version of yourself.

Self-love is the best kind of love. It can help us appreciate ourselves better and provide a huge confidence boost.

Self-love can help us manage emotionally difficult situations and handle tough things better.

It can also give us:

Better control over our lives & Intrinsic validation

A person who practices self-love does not need to seek approval or validation from others.

Increase in courage and confidence

People who love themselves exhibit more self-confidence in areas others may avoid, like decision-making and presentation.

Increase in happiness

If validation comes from within, negativity from other people is less effective in affecting us.

Happiness without relationships

Self-love can help you find happiness beyond a romantic relationship.

Goal achievement

As you feel better about yourself, you will be motivated to achieve the goals you set, as they align with your vision of the future, whether they are in health, wellness, and/or financial goals.

Boosts your Attractiveness

Research shows that people who love themselves come across as more attractive.

Deeper self-understanding

Self-love encourages people to dig deeper into their emotions and feelings to truly understand themselves rather than go with what everyone else says.

Healthier physical and mental well-being

Loving yourself encourages you to exercise, which promotes physical health, and has been shown to help certain mental health concerns like anxiety and depression, among others.

Best Self-Love Day Activities

The best way to start your Self-Love Day is by waking up with positive thoughts and without regrets. Remember, this is a day to spend for yourself.

Take a day off

Use this day to break the routine and take a day off. Spend the day resting or doing some activity that you love, which will help you recover from all the stresses of the world. Self-love also means pampering yourself when you need it.

Go for a solo trip

Do you like solo trips? Then backpack for an adventure where you can enjoy yourself without the company of others. Visit your favorite places. You may discover more things by going on a trip by yourself, but above all, make sure to take care of yourself.

Please yourself

You can also go to a movie, a play or a show, amusement park, a beach, a zoo, or anywhere that you like and feel comfortable.


Use the day to meditate if you are not into trips. Think about the importance of your life and your goals. Embarking on an inward journey can teach you more about yourself than anything or anyone ever can.

Practice self-care as self-love

Practicing self-care is a great way to celebrate the day, and it does not need to break the bank. Treat yourself to something as simple as having a cheat day, listening to your favorite music or podcast, reading a novel, exercising, or getting a good night's rest.

You can also go to the spa or buy a package or our natural Vaginesse products.

If you prefer luxury, open a good bottle of wine, or take yourself to dinner. Be creative. Plan it like you would for a loved one or significant other.

Re-evaluate negative habits

This holiday is a perfect time to reflect on negative habits and consider those you might want to change.

You can track and change unhealthy habits you may have, such as procrastinating, negative self-talk, caring about other's opinions, and others that do not prioritize your health and well-being.

Explore new things

Celebrate this day by processing and conquering your fears because a part of loving yourself is ensuring you prove to yourself that you are limitless.

Trust yourself to make good decisions and do not compare yourself to others.

Exploring new things generates new possibilities and allows you to reach deep and discover new things you did not know were possible.

Let go of toxic people

Worry less about other's opinions. Be yourself.


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Self-love is having a good understanding and complete acceptance of who you are, unwavering support and compassion for yourself, and having high self-esteem and self-care.

The more you operate in self-love, the greater self-love and kindness you will feel towards yourself, regardless of what is going on in the world.

These benefits are cumulative, as you will be compelled to look within you for love first, rather than seeking approval and validation from others, external circumstances, or the world around you.

This article was written by Gloria Albarran, based on ideas from Self-Love Day and the book "Madly in Love with Me" The Daring Adventure of Becoming Your Own Best Friend by Christine Arylo.

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