How To Love Your Vulva 101: Self Care Tips

How To Love Your Vulva 101: Self Care Tips
September 12, 2022

How To Love Your Vulva 101:

Self Care Tips

Am I Doing It Right?

Loving your vulva means treating it right. Our lady parts are sensitive and we must take care of them accordingly. Here are some tips for loving your vulva and keeping it as stress-free as possible:

✤ Choose cotton over synthetic fabrics

for your undies to allow things to breathe down there while reducing irritation.  

✤ Our vaginas are actually self-cleaning.

Feel free to pamper the outside parts of the vulva but don’t use internal washes or douches unless prescribed by a doctor.  

✤ Avoid artificial fragrances in your nether regions.

This means heavily scented soaps, strong detergents, and anything else that might irritate them.

Remember, when it comes to your vulva, self-care also means keeping it clean! Let’s dive into how to do that.

How Do I Properly Clean Down There?

As we mentioned before, your vagina is quite independent when it comes to cleaning and regulating the internal parts. This means you only have to worry about the outside, the vulva, which includes the inner and outer labia, clitoris, and opening of the vagina.

Not to brag, but our Vaginesse Cleanser hits all the marks when it comes to providing loving self-care for your vulva: free of harmful chemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or ingredients you can’t even pronounce. This foaming cleanser is the perfect ally for a healthy, clean, and happy vulva.

How Do I Moisturize My Lady Parts?

Factors like shaving, chafing, and even the weather can sometimes leave us feeling a bit dry down there, and it’s common to just grab whatever lotion is in hand to help, but it can do more damage than good. The last things you want to put on your precious lady parts are artificial fragrances or moisturizers with questionable ingredients because they are capable of disrupting the gentle pH our vaginas need.  


Taking this into consideration, we have formulated our favorite Moisturizer to keep your most sensitive skin hydrated and supple. Like everything else we make, we use clean and organic ingredients that won’t mess up your pH. Enjoy the hydrating benefits of wild yam, coconut extract, jojoba, sea buckthorn, and chamomile!

How About Upkeeping? Toilet Paper Vs. Towelettes

While having a little treat-yourself day is always a good idea, practicing regular maintenance to ensure we’re giving our vaginas the care they deserve is an even better one. Most of us have settled for toilet paper because it’s always readily accessible, but it comes with a few downsides for our sensitive areas. 

If you’re going to use toilet paper, make sure it’s extra soft to avoid irritation. If you have a particularly sensitive v-area, use The Towelettes from Vaginesse. Not only are they soothing and natural, but you will get a little pick-me-up every time you clean up down there.

Let’s Sum It Up

Treat your vulva with love and care! Using Vaginesse products will ensure you feel clean and fresh without the use of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. We’re here to help you take care of yourself and are happy to do so. Now, let’s get ready for some luxurious self-care with the Vaginesse line!  

Written by Regina Stone

Regina is a freelance copywriter and content creator who loves empowering other women, petting cats, and watching horror movies..

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