5 Vulva Facts You Didn’t Know

5 Vulva Facts You Didn’t Know
Jul 21, 2022

5 Vulva Facts

You probably didn’t know!

Let’s face it.

Our average high-school sex ed class barely touched on the vulva, clitoris, or vagina. Also, to be honest, many of us have been shamed out of talking about our experiences with our vaginas. So it makes sense why many of us will be surprised by the facts on the list.  


We’re here to smash the stigma against talking about our vaginas, sex, the clitoris, and more. Let’s dive into 5 vulva facts you probably didn’t know.  



1. The Vulva is not the Vagina

Did you know that most women still don’t know there is a difference between the vulva and the vagina?


The terms get used interchangeably but they don’t refer to the same parts at all. The vulva refers to the external parts including the labias, clitoris, urethra opening and vaginal opening. The vagine is the muscular tube that connects your cervix to the opening. See? Very different. Our blog on Vulva or Vagina dives into the anatomical breakdown, check it out!

Let’s actually take this moment, now that we’re clear on vagina vs vulva, to share that our intimate wash and other products are for external use only. Meaning, treat your vulva to some divine self-care but leave your vagina be! If you want to improve vaginal health as a whole, check out these 5 delicious foods for a healthy vagina.  



2. The Clitoris is an Iceberg

Okay, we’ve all seen the memes on the average man’s inability to find the clitoris to pleasure a woman. They’re funny. We get it, but did you know the clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg?


Literally. The clitoris spreads internally and can be as long as 5 inches, but only the very tip is visible to the eye. It contains over 8,000 nerve endings which is almost double compared to a penis. Woahhh!

3. Sexual pleasure doesn’t just mean penetration

Did you know only 1 in 5 women experience orgasm from vaginal penetration alone? This is a far cry from what we’re taught and shown in the media. The reality is, the vulva is a massive source of pleasure. Limiting sexual pleasure to vaginal penetration alone is really a bummer. You could be missing out on all the potential sensations outside of the vagina!


As we said before, the clitoris is an iceberg with over 8,000 nerve endings. Why skip out on that expansive source of sexual pleasure? Clitoral orgasms are actually way more common than those from vaginal penetration.  


4. Not all people with vulvas are Women

Vulvas are not limited to women and assuming so can be very harmful to the identities of many people. Genitalia is not indicative of gender. There are intersex, non-binary, femme, and other identites with vulvas that are not women!  

5. Vulvas + Vaginas change color

Vulvas and vaginas are pretty incredible! They change color and shape when aroused. During arousal, vaginas will change shape by getting deeper to allow more space for penetration. The cervix and the uterus actually get pushed back by the elongation of the vagina. They will also change color!


The natural rush of blood to the vagina results in a darkening of the vagina during sex. Don’t worry! It will return back to its normal color afterwards.

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Written by Regina Stone

Regina is a freelance copywriter and content creator who loves astrology other women, walking her dogs, and eating ice cream.

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