Moon Rituals: Super Women

Moon Rituals: Super Women
Jul 11, 2022

Moon Rituals:

Super Women

July Horoscopes

The Super Buck Moon:

July’s full-moon is all about growth with the representation of the buck. This is prime-time growing season for the buck as it sheds its old antlers and grows bigger and better. This energy of growth is the perfect opportunity to level-up.  


Our Cancer and Leo ladies will be feeling the energy of this powerful Super Moon even more! Let’s celebrate our watery and fiery ladies with magical and intentional moon rituals.


This full Super Moon in Capricorn puts the spotlight directly on career. If you’ve been having unnecessary work drama or are considering a career change, this will come center stage with the full moon light. Now’s the time to take that fiery energy and focus it on what you want from your career!


Take some time to decompress and leave work problems at the office. Meditate or take a cleansing bath when you get home to wash the day off!


Pack your bags, earthy and graceful Taurus! This full moon is bringing spontaneous and adventurous energy into your life. If there’s a place you’ve been longing to visit, the universe is supporting this full force!


Set aside some time to daydream about travel destinations and find the one that resonates most with where you’re at right now.



Take a deep breath, ethereal Gemini. Chances are you’ve been experiencing some financial stressors that have been weighing you down. This full moon brings the perfect energy for coming up with a stellar and abundant financial plan to start stacking the cash.


Create a vision board depicting the life of your dreams! This will give you daily motivation and focus to achieve all your desires. 


First things first, happy birthday to all you caring, deep, artistic Cancer ladies! We’re going to be honest, this full moon might illuminate some icky feelings but it is also the perfect opportunity to take that full-growth buck energy to set and establish boundaries. You are a queen and deserve to be treated as such!



Daily protective meditations are the perfect antidote to bad vibes and toxic people. Establish healthy boundaries with those around you.  



Leo :

Happy birthday to you illustrious and vivacious fiery Leo ladies! We all know you're packed with the fire and energy to run the world but even lions need to take a nap now again. This full moon will bring to light some ways in which you are potentially overexerting yourself. Now’s the perfect time for reflection and luxurious naps, you deserve it!


Plan a spa day at home. Run a luxurious bath, treat your vulva to some rejuvenative cleansing, light some candles and put that phone on silent.  


Oh, Virgo, this full moon will be such a treat for you! The light of the super moon will illuminate your fifth house of true love. Whether you are in a partnership or looking, this time is sure to bring romance. Let yourself get whisk away by this energy of love!


It’s time to practice self-care to the max and start feeling like a million bucks. Go get that brazilian, facial, or new hairstyle to tap into your inner goddess!



Libra ladies, you are the queens of balance in the astrological realms. Balance is key for this full moon. Last month was filled with social and sexual energy but this full moon is going to tip the scales back towards rest and relaxation. Full moons tend to bring out the drama so it’s the perfect time to nest and tap into that homebody energy.


Take the time to sit and emanate in your own energy. Put some love into your home to make it the perfect rejuvenating oasis. Stop by the garden section and get a new houseplant or two or switch out the curtains or your bed linens.


Sensual Scorpio ladies, you dive into the depths of emotions and feelings like no other but this full moon is a time for light-hearted fun. The way full moons illuminate the depths of the sea is the same energy this moon brings to our thoughts and feelings. Take a break from the deep depths and tap into the energy of light-hearted fun and letting loose.


Plan a day to let loose and have some easy-going fun. Invite your soul sisters over for a dance party or plan an exciting date with your boo or new crush!



Adventurous and fiery Sagittarius ladies are queens of creativity. Chances are you have quite a few creative projects in the works and the energy of this supermoon is perfect for getting the ball rolling! If you have a workplace idea you’ve been waiting to pitch, take this manifesting energy of the full moon and take your shot!


Write up some stellar daily affirmations to tap into your power! Take time each morning to bath yourself in beautiful affirmations to remind you who you are!  


This Super Full Buck Moon is in your sign of Capricorn, ladies! This means the energy of the illuminating glow is even stronger for you goddesses. Full moons represent the end of cycles and culmination of hard work which Capricorns are no strangers to. Now's the time to reap the benefits of all your hard work. The full moon glow is shining on romantic growth so get ready for love


Capricorn, you’re a powerhouse of productivity.Take the full moon to set some intention and indulge in some sensual relaxation. Draw a fragrant bath, do a face mask, or get a massage.



Pisces, you are the image of sensual, sensitive, and psychic energy. Full moons affect you deeply. You tend to lay low for the most part and this is a great tactic to avoid frantic full moon energy. This is the perfect time to plan a reconnection with your dearest friends for a relaxing night of spiritual connection.  



The daydreamy mind of a Pisces is a perfect place to dwell, however, it often leads to some pretty epic loner vibes. Plan a night of spiritual connection with your friends. Pull tarot cards, crystals, and dive deep and reconnect with those nearest and dearest to you.  

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Written by Regina Stone

Regina is a freelance copywriter and content creator who loves astrology other women, walking her dogs, and eating ice cream.

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